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Get Leads, Get Vendors, Gain from Network!

LetzGain is B2B Business Networking Platform optimized for Leads and Referrals

How it works:
You will Post your or friend's requirements for buying products/services or partnerships

You can manage responses and choose wisely

System automatically notifies you about Leads (requirements where you can Sell/Showcase)

LetzGain does not charge any Commissions!

LetzGain highlights common friends and groups to close business faster, so build bigger network!

Celebrating Growth and Winning together!

FeedWiser is now LetzGain -- B2B Business Networking Platform optimized for Leads and Referrals

Lets celebrate winning together, Lets share challenges and overcome them, Lets share opportunities and win together.

LetzGain Partners

Our Partner Faircent is an innovative peer-to-peer (P2P) lending marketplace for loans

On Faircent, visitors, as per their requirement, can register as lenders or borrowers. Faircent undertakes a comprehensive verification process for all its registered Borrowers and Lenders. Borrowers and Lenders interact amongst themselves to decide a mutually agreeable rate for their transactions (Loans) Signup and Apply for Loans at Lower interest than Banks (from 12%) Signup and Provide Loans to earn upto 25% interest.

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Our Partner provides Hotel Rooms / Banquet Bookings at Best Prices using unique Technology. has developed mIP (myOtels Index Price) to find best hotels for the Precise Search of business travellers. myOtels offers 10% and 40% Lower Price for SMEs depending upon the real time demand and supply has large network of Branded Hotels throughout India In addition, myOtels gets best Banquet Hall Packages for Business Events Save Time Save Money Guaranteed Quality & Service

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Our Partner IndiaLends is a digital lending and borrowing marketplace.

IndiaLends offers different types of loans like personal loans, business loans, unsecured loans, installment loans and others where no guarantor is required. Brings in innovative ideas and cutting edge technology to transform the Indian financial sector. Connects borrowers and lenders to form a network of financial marketing through technology Makes loan process easier and efficient for both borrowers and lenders Save Time Save Money Great offers on Loans

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Our Partner pCloud provides One of the world's leading Secure Cloud Data Storage provider.

With PCloud all your precious company data, files, photos and documents are super safe! Easily backup and Securely Access or Share your Photos, Documents, Music from anywhere. More than 6 Million users including Coca Cola, Twitter, Pepsi, Snapchat, LinkedIn, BMW and Uber are using it! Don't loose your valuable data and dont pay extra for costly storage solutions. Get 50% Discount on 2TB Storage Solution(use GET Secure Storage Action below) or Free 30 GB Storage Backup Data Access Anywhere Get Savings

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